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PROFILE: Ida Muorie, Host and Producer of the Sportsmavericks Show -- The Oprah of Sports Theme: Fresh Spin on issues Facing Athletes and Entertainers© Ida Muorie is a pioneer talk radio host and the first sports talk show host on Ida combined her experience in sports education, her 10+ years of financial services, entertainment to launch the first talk sports talk show on the Voice America Network in 2004, the “Sportsmavericks Show with Ida Muorie©. In 2007, the Sportsmavericks Show became a catalyst to create a new sports channel, In the same year, Ida had the privilege of launching “Peace and Sports,” an international initiative started by the Prince of Monaco on her radio program. Peace and Sports promotes Olympic Players to build sports camp in war torn areas. The organization membership has grown from 4 countries to 80 nations strong since that time. As a writer and an author, Ida is the Host and Producer of the audio series --- “Laying the Foundation for Excellence in the NFL: Survival Guide IV Student Athletes©”. The 25 CD series outline a road map to the NFL through being a role model on and off the field, to increasing your speed, and staying in front of the ball. Ida is also the host of a DVD entitled “Finding the Sports Woman in you©.” This DVD was developed to target parents of athletes that are so busy taking care of their student athlete but not themselves. Ida is also the author of “The Pro-Ready Impact Principles©,” and “the Financial Playbook for Athletes©,” that was used in University of Florida’s Life Skill class that she taught for two years. Ida boasts of diversity in sports, business, law, entertainment and human behavior. As a personal life coach, financial strategist, international spokesperson and lawyer, Ida spend time offering her services in life coaching, consulting, diversity training, publishing, community events and video conferencing workshops for sports professionals, student athletes and parents of athletes. On the business side, Ida is a Financial Executive in two capacities. First as the President & CEO of Golden Key Associates, Inc., a Private Equity and Business due diligence company, and the Director of Business Development for Lighthouse Realty Fund, LP through Beacon Asset Managers, LLC. Ida has interviewed the who’s who of sports, business and entertainment and she looks to take her show to television in 20111 on Oprah’s New Network OWN. Go to and go to browse/vote and put Ida Muorie names in and go to her video entitled, “Fresh Spin on Issues Facing Athletes and Entertainers.” Please tell all your friends about it. To hear Ida’s audio series go to i Tunes, and download for free. Look for Sportsmavericks Show.
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